Art Stands by Me was founded by artists, for artists and collectors. We aim to provide high quality art products and display stands to all art lovers and creatives. To uphold our goal of supporting the arts, we donate 1% of all Art Display Stand sales to La Napoule Art Foundation.

We have decided to expand our store to carry on our philosophy of making your environment work for you by specifically choosing artistic products that carry a high vibration. Our owner, Natalie Ventimiglia, has extensively studied Feng Shui and aims to provide home decor and art that will manifest your desired energy within your home or work space.

 Before we were inspired to expand our online store, we began with our original stand. It was custom engineered by Nick Paulos to address the common faults in other stands. Our stand is stronger, more modern, more stable, more versatile, and has the ability to store and ship flat. We are so happy to be growing and expanding on our product collection to provide a variety of products for our customers.